If You’re Worried About Your Child’s Choices, Read On

When I think about being a parent, or a leader, or having responsibility over another human being, I have this image in my mind of a circus stadium. We’re all on tightropes holding onto those long poles tightrope walkers use to help with balance.

I imagine my child, or anyone else I’m concerned about, on the tightrope behind me. When I’m worried, I keep looking over my shoulder to see how they’re doing. I want so badly to grab ahold of them and keep them from falling.

The problem is, I can’t balance myself AND hold onto them. When I do try to reach back, we both fall.

However, there’s always a net underneath us to catch us. It’s actually kind of hard to get out of the net and back up, but the more you do it, the easier it is.

There’s another tightrope walker above all of the rest of us. He is Jesus Christ. He knows how to walk and balance perfectly. He is always showing us. And when we ask him, he can give us individual advice.

The way I imagine this, is the best way to show my child or anyone else how to tightrope walk, is to be doing it myself. I realize I don’t do it perfectly, and I don’t have all of the answers for them to do it perfectly. But I can tell them what I learn AS I’m doing it.

Most importantly, I can ask Heavenly Father and Jesus for help, and I can point my child to them, too.

I never have to be afraid of my child falling. In fact, I expect them to fall over and over. But I know it’s not a problem because there is always a safety net. And Heavenly Father is always watching and available to help.

When I really trust Him, I can trust myself more, and I can trust my child and others more.

It’s exhausting and distracting to always be trying to change other people. When we’re focused on our own growth, then we can share what we learn with others, AND we can let go of them learning it. Maybe they’ll listen. Maybe they won’t. But we’ll be doing it out of love, not out of fear.

Our children are going to mess up. Maybe the most growth comes from them and us figuring out how to get back up.

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