5 Minutes to Love Better

Remember the movie, “You’ve Got Mail”? There’s a scene after Meg Ryan goes out of business. She’s in her apartment and she has a bowl of soup. She finds a sunny spot on the floor of her apartment and sits down to eat it.

She’s sad about going out of business, and she just takes a minute to be sad. 

It’s such a gift to yourself to take the time to feel what you’re feeling. 

It might feel hard to do when you’ve got kids around you, work to do, laundry to be folded, people mad at you, or whatever else seems pressing.

But could you take 5 minutes to just be with yourself, and feel what you’re feeling? Put a timer on so you don’t have to keep looking at the time.

You could describe out loud to yourself the sensation in your chest or your stomach. You could write out the tingling in your arms, or the tightness in your feet. 

After you’ve described the sensations, can you just sit with yourself in that emotion without the need to change it?

Tell yourself how much you love you, even when you’re sad, frustrated, angry, disappointed, worried. 

Sometimes I like to give myself a foot rub, or stroke my arm, the way I would a loved one who was feeling hard emotions.

This is showing love to yourself. Be a friend to yourself. Don’t tell yourself you should feel something different. Whatever you’re feeling is perfect.

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