A Conversation With My Brain

As I was bathing my feverish son, I felt the rage come up. 

I started to pay closer attention.


Me: What’s up? Why the rage?

Brain: I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should take him to the doctor or give him more medicine or give him this bath. This is really serious. I could permanently damage this child if I do the wrong thing.

Me: It’s true something terrible could happen. He could get brain damage. He could even die. That happens sometimes. 

Brain: I’m just so scared. I shouldn’t be the mom. Someone else should come take over.

Me: I know you’re scared. It’s okay to be scared. I think you DO know what to do. If something terrible happens, it was always going to happen. You’ll for sure know if there’s a time when you should take him to the doctor or ask for help from someone else. But for now, you’ve got this. 

Brain: I DO think this is the right thing to do right now. I also think I should give him more medicine.

Me: There you go. I knew you knew what to do. Let’s do that, and then see what happens.


When your brain talks to you, don’t just automatically believe everything it’s saying. We all have a wiser voice inside. Channel it. Fact check your brain. You’re the adult. It’s your job to watch over your brain. You can do this. I believe in you.

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