Am I Doing It Right?

A good friend sent me a text that said, “‘Having kids home is kicking my trash!’ My most common thought right now.” haha

She asked if I had a thought to replace it with. 

I told her how I had noticed the day before that I was looking to people all around me to tell me I was doing a good job. 

Guess what I found out…other people aren’t very good at validating me, AND those who do, I don’t believe, or my brain tells me they’re patronizing me. 

So, I decided I needed to validate me. As I thought about all I was doing: homeschooling my kids (I use the term homeschooling loosely), following some working hours, making meals, shopping for groceries even when I was super nervous about doing it, buying clothes for the kids online (which was also super uncomfortable for me), teaching an online class, and more…I told myself thank you for keeping going, even when I’m feeling unsure, uncomfortable, slightly anxious, and slightly depressed. Honestly, I was pretty impressed with myself. 

You know what I didn’t spend time dwelling on? All of the times I ate instead of felt my feelings, when I was super impatient with my son while teaching him something he’d never done before, or the intense irritation I feel sometimes when my kids just want to tell me a joke.

I want to tell YOU something, and ME something: you’re doing so well, and you’re making a mess of things. We all are.

It’s okay. Just breathe. Then show yourself what you’re doing well, JUST as much or more than what you’re not doing well. 

You’ll have to be INTENTIONAL about this. Our brains automatically show us what we’re doing wrong, because our brains like to solve problems.

It’s each of our individual JOBS to CONSCIOUSLY tell ourselves what we’re doing well. Don’t make stuff up, but also don’t discount things that aren’t perfect. 

You’re doing better than you think you are. 

P.S. I would love to help you see what’s so amazing about you. If you’re struggling with this, sign-up for a FREE coaching session. I’d love to meet you!