Circumstances Are Neutral

Circumstances are facts. They are neutral. They’re not good or bad. Our brains think our circumstances are either good or bad, and that they control our feelings. They don’t. Our thoughts create our feelings. These are circumstances:

  • My son has an F in math.
  • My daughter has an A in music.
  • My husband left me.
  • My husband washed the dinner dishes
  • I weigh 120 pounds.
  • I weigh 300 pounds.
  • I have a job.
  • I lost my job.

They’re all neutral. They’re not positive or negative. Only our thoughts ABOUT them are positive or negative. Try and find a positive and a negative thought on each of them. It’s definitely available because these are neutral circumstances. What are some circumstances in your life that you have been having negative thoughts about, that you want to have positive thoughts about? I can coach you on that!