“Do You Have the Courage to Bring Forth the Hidden Treasures Inside of You?”

I’ve been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She talks about how we all have treasures hidden inside of us. They can help everyone around us, but most of all, the searching and sharing of them helps us individually. But it’s scary to show what’s really inside of you, to put it out in the world where someone else may not see or understand its value.

I have a sister-in-law that loves essential oils. She told me that so many people have oils in their house that they don’t understand their worth or value, and sometimes they throw them out. It’s so sad because there are other people, like her, that totally appreciate that oil that’s not being used.

So the trick is to remember that there will always be people who don’t appreciate your treasure, but there will be more who may be blessed or¬†healed by the treasure inside of you, if you’re brave enough to share it.

In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, “Do you have the courage to bring forth the hidden treasures inside of you?”