Do You Like Your Reason?

Or as Carrie Roberts put it in her recent BYU devotional, “Discover your why.” We so often do things without even thinking about why.

On a recent trip, my flight was re-routed to a different airport. Because of the interruption, the airline gave us snack boxes to tide us over while we waited for a new plane. I had a thought of just keeping my box until I was hungry later. Then I sat down next to a much more experienced coach. She broke into her box and started eating the snacks. Without thinking too much about why, I started eating my box of snacks, even though I wasn’t even hungry.

As I reflected later on why I had done this, I realized that because I looked up to this coach I decided to delegate all of my decision making to her. I would just do what she was doing. It’s so silly, but how often do we do this? Instead of thinking for ourselves and deciding what we want to do and why, we just follow someone else, or look for answers outside of us.

Think of something you do often, maybe every day. It may even be something you think is good, but do you like your reason for doing it? If you like what you’re doing, but you don’t like your reason, can you come up with a reason you like?

Leave a comment and let me know some of your reasons you like.