Doing More

I’m reading Brene Brown’s book Rising Strong. I highly recommend it. In the chapter Easy Mark, she’s talking about her reckoning with her struggle of being privileged and being uncomfortable connecting with others in real need. She says, “My rumbles with shame, judgment, privilege, connection, need, fear, and self-worth taught me that it wasn’t the pain or the hurt that made me look away. It was my own need…Helping and giving are comfortable for me. I wanted to solve this issue by doing more of what I already do. When I look back at this rising strong example now, I think about how often we all try to solve problems by doing more of what’s not working–just doing it harder, grinding it out longer. We’ll do anything to avoid the lowest of the low–self-examination.”

What’s the difference between perseverance and avoiding self-examination?

I haven’t exactly figured this one out, yet. Comment and let me know if you have!