How to Tell the Story of You

My kids love it when my husband makes up a story for them at night. He even lets them choose characters, and their names, and tell some of the things they do.

I love to listen to stories. The thought of making one up, seriously makes my stomach churn.

You know what I found out? I’m always making up stories about real life. We all are. We tell ourselves who we are in this world.

Sometimes we make ourselves the villain. Some days we’re the victim.Sometimes we’re the hero that saves the day. And some days we’re fairy that spreads sprinkles of good wherever we go.

Did you know that we’re just making it up?

When you feel like the victim in your story, how might you see yourself as the hero instead?

When you feel like the villain in your story, how might you see yourself as the fairy spreading good instead?

It’s all there. You just have to show your brain. Your brain is just looking for evidence that your story is true. So why not tell it to find evidence for a story you like?

We all play all of the roles in our stories and different times. Which parts do you want to focus on?

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