Got Some Gray Clouds Hanging Over You?

I’m sure you’ve seen these word clouds in various places. They are pictures made up of words. Some words stand out more than others. 

This is kind of like our brains, except they might be called thought clouds. 

Think of a relationship that is troubling you. If you had a thought cloud of the the things you think or say about that relationship, what would the big sentences be? What would stand out?

She criticizes me. She doesn’t call. She calls too much. She thinks she’s better than me. She doesn’t take care of herself. She’s too needy.

If you’re having trouble in the relationship, it’s all of the negative thoughts that are big in that thought cloud. 

Imagine that thought cloud on a touchscreen. Now squeeze those negative thoughts smaller, and pull some of the smaller thoughts bigger. What do they say?

Maybe there are a few thoughts in there that are more positive. She wrote me a nice note. She’s really talented at drawing. She was really nice to my kids.

What would it be like if you could focus on those thoughts and bring them to the forefront?

We really can find positive and negative things we believe about ANYONE. The people we enjoy being around are people we have more positive thoughts about. It really doesn’t have anything to do with that person. It’s all about our thinking and our focus. 

What does your thought cloud look like for your most important relationship…the one with yourself? What thoughts stick out the most?

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