How To Mess Up

Have you ever watched professional basketball and wondered how the players could miss a free-throw? I mean, how many times do you think a professional basketball player has made a basket? I would say probably in the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. And yet, even when they’re standing at the line, with nobody even guarding them, they still miss it sometimes.

So…you’re working on something…let’s say not losing your cool with your kids. How many times have you felt like losing your cool, but you haven’t? Hundreds, maybe? And then you lose your cool and you think, “I’m such a failure. I’ll never get this. I shouldn’t have been a mom.”

Do you think when a professional basketball player misses a free throw that they think, “I’ll never be able to make a basket 100% of the time. I’m such a failure.” Of course, not! Are they disappointed? Maybe even a little frustrated with themselves? Probably. But they don’t stay there. They expect they’ll miss sometimes. EVEN after all of their practice.

When you’re working on something, losing weight, getting into shape, loving someone, using kinder language, expect that you’ll make progress, and then you’ll mess up. Expect that you’ll get it wrong, even when you “know better”. Even when you’ve been working at it for years. Even when you’re really good at it. That’s just part of being a human.

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