I Can’t Do Everything, But I Can Do Something

As I was sitting in a church training meeting, I started feeling more and more overwhelmed and underqualified. I heard the trainers present what seemed like the perfect leaders in the perfect youth group. I could feel myself get defensive.

I had thoughts such as, “They don’t understand. This isn’t really my responsibility. They expect too much.” Everything felt really heavy and serious. 

How do you manage your brain in situations like these? It all kind of just seems really true. We SHOULD be doing more, being more. But is it true?

What if the truth was that there are many different ideals…as many as there are people? What if when someone presents an ideal, we get to choose what parts we WANT to work on, and that’s good enough…perfect even? 

What if the ideal is each one of us bringing our talents AND our weaknesses to the table? Just showing up knowing that sometimes we’ll be our best selves, and sometimes we won’t quite be at our best?

What if we remembered that maybe it’s not as serious as we’re making it? 

Doesn’t that feel a lot better? 

This doesn’t mean we don’t listen to others and their ideas. It just means we don’t try to be certain ways in certain situations. We just try to be ourselves in every situation. Believing that we ALWAYS have SOMETHING to contribute ALREADY. No morphing into a different, more perfect person needed. 

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