Money Philosophy Carried Over to Food

Ever since I wrote some thoughts on money, it has been coming to my mind how I might apply that same philosophy to food. I know not everyone feels the same way about food as I do. I remember going to my mother-in-law’s one day after she had gone grocery shopping. She had all of her groceries spread out on her table and counter and she said to me, “I just love looking at everything I could buy. I feel so grateful that I could buy all of this.” It was inspiring to me that she was so grateful!

When my fridge is packed, though, I feel overwhelmed. I worry about if things are going to go bad, and I kind of have this urge to eat it all really quickly so it’s just taken care of. Does that sound weird, or have you had that urge before? I’m not sure why I have the urge to eat it rather than throw it out, but there it is.

I went shopping recently, and bought quite a bit of produce hoping that I wouldn’t need to go shopping again for 2 weeks. However, once I put it all in the fridge, I had that urge again to eat it as quickly as possible so that my fridge wasn’t so full. That reminded me of my thought on money, “I buy what I need, and a few extras, and then save the rest, or give it to others.” I know this doesn’t translate exactly, but I like the thought, “I eat what I need, with a few treats, and then leave the rest.”

What do you think? I think I’m liking this thought.