Parental Teaching Gone Wrong??

To go off of last week’s post…I taught my kids this song that I heard on a video somewhere:

Make it a good day, make this one glow

Fill it with learning, there’s so much to know

Make it a good day, look in your heart

Build on your heritage, and do your part

See, I really do believe in the concept that good doesn’t just happen to us, we choose it. But apparently, my son had the same kind of attitude I did back in University. One morning, on the way to school, I sang this song to the boys, and D says to me,”You know you can’t choose if you have a good day, Mom. God decides whether you have a good day or not.”

Parental teaching gone wrong? Quite possibly. 🙂 You can teach all day long, but the message doesn’t always get received the way it’s intended. Am I right?

He’s right, in that sometimes we can’t choose our circumstances. But we DO decide how we think and feel about those circumstances (sometimes unconsciously). It’s our choice how we choose to look at our lives. Again, that doesn’t mean we need to be PollyAnna, or that that’s even the best way to be positive about everything.

Just know that if you’re having a hard day, it has everything to do with your thoughts. That doesn’t mean you should change them. It just means the option is there. Your efforts, though, may be better spent some place else.

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