Red, Green, And White All Over

Merry Christmas! These next two days will probably be filled with lots of visits and festivities and traditions. I hope you have a lovely time, and take some time to add whitespace to your life.

Visual whitespace is used to make other things more noticeable or manageable. Whitespace in art draws your attention to things that the artist wants to point out. It adds clarity, and makes things simpler and less overwhelming. If there isn’t enough whitespace things can appear cluttered and disorganized.

Whitespace in our lives are times when we stop all of the noise. Time when we’re alone with our thoughts. It could be daydreaming, meditating, praying, thinking about one thought, noticing all of our thoughts. You could be on a walk, just sitting still, even doing mundane tasks like washing dishes or folding laundry. For it to truly be whitespace, you’re not thinking about what you need to do next; you’re just in the moment. If you’re not used to having whitespace, you may try to rush it. It may be uncomfortable, but don’t rush it. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes so you don’t have to keep looking at the clock, so you can be fully present. Whitespace is all about being present.

Just like visual whitespace, whitespace in your life will make things less overwhelming, give you clarity, help you see what’s most important, make your life more manageable. Tell me how you create whitespace in your life.