Something I Found In My Journal

I have a notebook that’s not exactly like a journal. It’s more of a place where I download my thoughts to sort through them.

Today I was going through it to rip out pages that I had used, but don’t need to keep. I found a page that I had titled, “Positive On Purpose”. Then I had written down feel-good experiences I have had in our current home.

I had written things like: finding my toddler asleep on the rocking chair, shoveling snow along with my husband (a rare occurrence because he usually does it by himself), watching TV while waiting for my baby to go to sleep, listening to my 8 year old practice piano, dancing with my husband in the kitchen and then seeing my kids dance with each other in the living room, my 3 year old seeing me bake and asking, “Do you have anything for me to lick?”.

The list went on and on down the page. Reading this list may not do the same thing for you as it does for me because these memories flood me with emotions of love and joy. 

I was so grateful to my past self for writing this list so that my current self could easily feel these emotions today. 

Do something nice for your current self AND your future self by writing a list of feel-good experiences you’ve had. Remember to be honest. You may have experiences you think SHOULD feel positive, but really they don’t. Write the ones you already feel good about. 

It’s okay if this is hard. Just be open to remembering them as you go about your day, and write them down as they come. Your future self will thank you!

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