Thursday Thought: I’m not the only one.

Recently, when I was going through a transition, I noticed how I wanted to be angry with everyone around me.

I wanted to blame everyone for how I was feeling.

I wanted them to see how badly I was hurting inside, and tell me it was okay.

I didn’t act or talk the way I wanted to act and talk.

For a little while I believed I was just stating the facts about how the people around me were just not getting it, were being selfish, weren’t helpful or thoughtful or kind.

Then the thought came to me, “I’m not the only one going through a transition.”

When we’re not in the midst of feeling despair and anxiety and even depression, it’s easier to see that others aren’t responsible for how we feel.

But when we’re in it, it’s really hard to see past our own pain.

In the moment that this thought came to me, “I’m not the only one….struggling….going through a transition…in pain.” I wrote it down.

I knew I’d forget. But for a moment, it was clear that no one was trying to hurt me.

No one wanted me to be in pain, or was trying to cause my pain.

We’re all just a little caught up in what’s going on inside ourselves. And that’s okay.

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Thursday Thought: Christ performed the Atonement NOT to free us from our sufferings, but to BE WITH us in our sufferings.

A woman in our ward said this thought in her talk the other week. It has been so profound to me, especially in thinking about empathy. Sometimes we go to people, or to God and ask them to take away our pain. That’s like going to the doctor and asking her to cut off our broken arm because it hurts. Sometimes that’s the answer, but most often the answer is to set it and let it heal.

It’s okay to suffer. In fact, suffering helps us become stronger, someone who can more easily have empathy for someone else, someone who appreciates happiness and peace more. It’s not comfortable. But it’s okay.

Nothing in life is about the end result. It’s about the growing we go through to get there. It’s not about having the pain of the broken arm go away; it’s about the broken arm healing. The pain going away is just a by-product.

How is Christ with us in our sufferings even when He doesn’t fully take it away?

How can we be with others in their sufferings without having to take it away?


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