The Gift of Endurance

How are you doing? We’re going on week 4 of physical distancing and staying at home. Where are you? 

My sister sent me a video of an author, Caroline Myss, talking about the concept of endurance being a gift that we can ask for. 

Moroni 7:48, in the Book of Mormon, implores us to pray for the gift of charity.

At this time, perhaps we can pray for the gift of endurance. 

Most of us have lived in a way that we’ve never had to endure something hard for very long. We’ve been so blessed to be able to change our circumstances often.

However, I offer to each of us, that perhaps having to endure something that stretches us, or is hard, can be a gift because it gives us the opportunity to increase our endurance for hard things.

Think of running. There are sprints, and there are long-distance runs. How are these different? How do the runners train differently?

Way back when I used to run…it was totally a frame of mind for me. If I was on a long run, I knew I had to find some way to pace myself. I couldn’t sprint the whole way. 

When you started staying home for physical distancing, did you have in your mind that it was going to just be 2 weeks, and then back to normal, and now it feels like it’s dragging on?

Now’s the time to re-frame our experience into a long-distance run. This isn’t a sprint. 

But that’s okay, right? Just because it’s not a sprint, doesn’t mean it won’t ever end. It will. It’s just going to be longer than we thought in the beginning. 

So, slow down if you need to, find ways to make it more enjoyable, but don’t give up hope. 

Pray for the gift of endurance.

P.S. Remember if you or someone you know could really use someone to talk to during this time, set up a free 45-minute session with me. I can help you see what’s going on in your mind, and how to get some relief, and perhaps even find a way to thrive during this time.