There Are No Thought Police

When I was at coach training, my instructor told me, “There are no thought police. You can believe any thought you want.” If you were looking through the thoughts on the shelf and you saw one that said, “I am amazing!”, would you pick it up? Why or why not? Are you afraid if you decided to believe that thought and carry it around with you that someone would come along and tell you, “You can’t believe that thought, it’s not true.”? Guess what, someone could do that, but they have no authority unless you give it to them. There are no thought police. You get to believe whatever you want. Feel free to pick up any of these thoughts, or any others you see on the shelf and take them home with you, they’re FREE:

  • I’m amazing!
  • My value is infinite, no matter what I do and don’t do.
  • I’m such a good mom.
  • I’m beautiful.
  • I don’t make and spend money, it flows in and out of my life as it’s supposed to.
  • My husband adores me.
  • I’m in the perfect place in my journey.
  • My past experiences were exactly what I needed.
  • My future is bright.
  • I’m succeeding.