Thursday Thought: Disneyland Left

Once there was a family that dreamed about going to Disneyland. Finally, they had saved enough money, bought their tickets, and were on their way. They drove a long time, and just as they got close, they came to a sign that said, “Disneyland left.” They were so disappointed. They cried, turned around, and went home.

This is what we do every time we let failure stop us on our way to our dreams. We think it is the end of the road, but really it’s just like a road sign saying, “You need to go another direction now. This isn’t the way.”

Of course, it would be lovely to have a straight road to our dreams, but usually we get the scenic route, with a lot of road construction and detours. So when you come up against failure, instead of turning around and going home to ponder on a new dream, try a different route. Remember the family who saw the sign, “Disneyland left.”