Thursday Thought: Done Is Better Than Perfect

How many times have you had a goal you wanted to reach, but you just never get started? I have done this many times. Then I learned about doing B- work. The idea is that when you do something, you shoot for B- work. That’s all.

At first, this sounded a little bit to me like you’re not trying to do your best. However, after putting it into practice, I have found this to be very useful. So many times we don’t put anything out into the world that could be judged because we want it to be our best work. Usually we don’t even start, but if we do, then we work on it, and try to perfect it, however, we hardly ever reach our own standard of perfection. Therefore, we never put anything out into the world.

If you’re only shooting for B- work, then you can get started, and it’s easier to just put something out there. You’ll be surprised at how good B- work actually is. It also lends itself to some success, which is really motivating.

Whenever I have something to do that contributes to long range goals, but I don’t feel motivated in the moment to do, I think of the B- rule and remember, “Done is better than perfect.” I can do DONE when I can’t do perfect.

This helps me put my best into the world because if it has to be perfect, I don’t even¬† get started.

What things can you get DONE if it doesn’t have to be perfect?