Thursday Thought: Everyone Uses Every Minute Of Every Day

I remember a phone call from a woman repeatedly telling me how busy she was so she couldn’t help with a church assignment. Somewhat exasperated I said, “Yes, we’re all busy.” But don’t we all feel that way sometimes? “I’m so busy!” or “There’s not enough time.”

I heard Jody Moore say this, “Everyone uses every minute of every day.” Isn’t that so interesting? How do you use your minutes? Not your chunks of minutes, but each individual minute. If this thought stresses you out, then by all means drop it. For me, it has been very fascinating to think about how I use my minutes, and how I want to use them.

How do I use the minutes I have with my husband? Do I use them to argue and disapprove, or to appreciate and enjoy and love?

How do I use the minutes I have with my kids? Do I use them to yell and scold, or to teach and enjoy and love?

Of course, I like to use a lot of my minutes sleeping. 🙂 The thing I don’t like using my minutes on is worrying. Worrying about the future, worrying about the past. Did you know that worrying thoughts use your time? They distract you from the present. I don’t want to use any more minutes worrying about not having enough minutes.

Today I was sitting at the beach thinking about this, and it totally brought me to the present. “What am I using these minutes right now for?” At first, I was using my minutes to be on my phone looking at places to stay for an upcoming reunion. But then I decided I had used enough minutes on that, and that really I could use endless minutes on that, so I decided to use some on noticing what my kids and nieces and nephews were doing…right then…in that moment. I decided to notice the peace I felt inside watching them, and just stay in it for a few minutes. I decided that I like using my minutes to notice the present moment. I want to spend more of my minutes in the present.

How do you want to spend your minutes?