Thursday Thought: Everything Is As It Should Be

I was feeling overwhelmed with life and wanted some relief. I know that my feelings are caused by my thoughts, so I was looking for a thought to go to so that I could feel more at peace. I wanted to trust more that God was in charge and taking care of everything, because I tend to try to take over. The thought, “Everything is as it should be,” came to mind.

It reminds me of Byron Katie’s quote, “When you argue with reality, you lose. But only 100% of the time.” Meaning that if something happens, it was supposed to happen…even terrible things. How many times have you grown through suffering? When you’re not on the other side of the growth, it can feel like things have gone terribly wrong. But once you’re through it, you can see how it has transformed you.

So, if things seem to be different than they’re supposed to be, maybe try on the thought, “Everything is as it should be.” Trust that if you don’t already see how whatever is happening could be for your good, that one day you will.

Comment and share something that seemed like it shouldn’t have happened, but then later you saw how it was for the best.