Thursday Thought: He Loves Me and I Love Him

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I wanted to give a thought that may be helpful if you’ve struggled with Valentine’s Day. A lot of marital relationship advice given is to tell each other your needs and then to try to meet each other’s needs. The only problem is that no one can quite meet your needs the way you want them to, even when you tell them exactly what to say or do.

We think we feel loved by our husband when he does something thoughtful, or loving like brings us the perfect gift, writes us a nice note, or says something loving. But has he ever done these things and you still didn’t feel loved? Maybe you had thoughts like, “He just did it because I asked him to.” or “He doesn’t really mean it.”

What if no matter what he did or didn’t do you thought, “He loves me and I love him”? Then how would you feel? I promise, it doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t say or do. The only thing that will make you feel loved is to think the thought, “He loves me and I love him.” Only thoughts create our emotions, and they’re all optional. You get to believe whatever you want. Tell me how it’s true that he loves you, even if he didn’t get you the perfect gift/date/card/anything.

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