Thursday Thought: He won’t let me miss the warning

On Monday I posted about an experience I had about wondering whether a “warning” was the Spirit speaking to me, or if it was my thoughts. Check it out if you’re interested. My go-to thought in this situation is, “He won’t let me miss the warning.”

I believe that if there is anything that would change my life, or anyone I have responsibility for, in an irreparable way, Heavenly Father will make sure I know He is talking to me. He is in charge. We are like children who think we’re doing all of the work of making dinner when we pour the water into the rice pot.

If my kids were in danger that day, and if I was supposed to go pick them up early, I believe Heavenly Father would have made sure I knew He was talking to me, especially as I was trying to be in-tune. This puts my mind at ease, and helps me trust the impressions I get, and gives me space to learn how to recognize the Spirit more clearly. What thoughts help you recognize the Spirit in your life?

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