Thursday Thought: “I am Wonderfully Weird”, and I love me anyway

I was sitting in church on Sunday in a very grumpy mood. I couldn’t put my finger on why I was feeling so grumpy. The person speaking read the poem “Hello World” by Dan Coppersmith. The line that struck me was “I am wonderfully weird”. I love that thought. Depending on who you are, if someone called you weird you might take it as either a compliment or a put-down. That’s why I love this. Can we accept all parts of ourselves and love ourselves anyway?

I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down:

I am normal and weird

I am selfish and selfless

I am rude and kind

I am oblivious and aware

I am untalented and talented

I am wrong and right

I am doubtful and full of faith

I am nitpicky and gracious

I push and I inspire

All of these are true. We are all of these at some point and in some way. I realized I was so grumpy because I hadn’t been my best self that morning. I had nitpicked my kids and my husband. I had pushed instead of invited. I was weary. But as I listed these opposites, I realized that I was letting one morning define who I was.

I don’t always nitpick. A lot of times I am gracious. I don’t always push. A lot of times I invite and inspire. I’ve heard many times that we need to accept our whole selves, but didn’t quite understand what that meant. But this day, it was like a light bulb went on for me. We are the good and the bad. Of course, we’re always working on improving, but we’ll always have room to improve. And that’s okay.

So, I nitpick and I am gracious, and I love me anyway.

Is this helpful to you? Comment let me know how you understand this.