Thursday Thought: “I Don’t Know” Is Always A Lie

When I was in middle school, I learned about brainstorming. The only rule to brainstorming was you had to write every idea down, no matter how ridiculous. This is an excellent exercise to help you be open to an answer. So often our brains just want to shut down with “I don’t know” instead of opening up to possibilities that may take more work.

The next time you need to make a decision and your brain tells you, “I don’t know”. Say, “I don’t know is always a lie.” You can do this for simple things like choosing a paint colour. You can do it for bigger things such as, “How can I make more money?” This one thought, if you believe it, will open your mind up to many possibilities, and more importantly to what your soul is trying to tell you when you’re not worried about what other people will think.

Try it and tell me what you come up with.