Thursday Thought: I Know What To Do

Since I’ve been working on confidence this month my go-to thought is “I know what to do”. I sincerely believe this. I believe we all have inner wisdom that helps us be our best selves.

When I’m making decisions, even seemingly split-second decisions, oftentimes I find myself wondering what other people would do, or what other people think I should do. When I think the thought, “I know what to do,” I go inside and tap into my inner wisdom to make the decision. I find that I really DO know what to do. I don’t get so caught up wondering if I’m wrong, or if someone else would know better. Deep down inside I know I can handle making mistakes, and it doesn’t matter if someone would do it better. They’re not doing it. I am. The only way I can do it is my way.

Do you have a thought that helps you tap into your inner wisdom? If so, comment and tell me about it.