Thursday Thought: I’m Not For Everyone, And That’s Okay


It hurts to feel rejected, especially by someone we thought was a part of our tribe. You know, the people that we really connect with, and seem to have a lot in common. Or even those people that we think we should be connected with, or have a lot in common, such as family. I’ve heard this dates back to the cavemen days when rejection by your tribe usually meant death.

Today, though, it doesn’t mean death. It just means feeling the emotion of rejection. It means your brain releases chemicals throughout your body that feel really uncomfortable.

So, when you feel rejected, and your brain is screaming, “We’re going to die!” Just breathe and let it run its course. Then remind yourself, “I’m not for everyone, and that’s okay.” Then choose to love. Love those that reject you. Love those that love you. Love You, and carry on. Don’t go hide in your cave. Your tribe won’t find you there. Go out and find them. They’re looking for you too.