Thursday Thought: Imperfections do not make us inadequate, they make us human

Raise your hand if you feel like your imperfections make you inadequate. I’m not talking about little imperfections, the ones we don’t mind so much sharing with others. I’m talking imperfections that bring you shame. This will be different for everyone, but here are a few that I have or have heard from my clients:

I yell at my kids.

I don’t pray and read my scriptures every day (or week…or month…)

My child hasn’t learned…how to read…regulate his/her emotions…use the potty…make friends…anything we think, if we had taught them effectively, they would have learned by now. (Notice how this isn’t even about us, but we make it mean there’s something wrong with us.)

I don’t like having sex with my husband.

I’ve gained 30 pounds in the last 6 months.

I gossip about my family.

It goes like this, “I (insert imperfection that causes shame), therefore, I’m not a fit human being.”

Try, “I (imperfection), therefore, I AM a human being.” Welcome.

Let’s remind ourselves and each other, “Imperfections don’t make us inadequate; they make us human.” Remember that’s why we needed Jesus Christ. It’s all part of The Plan.

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