Thursday Thought: It’s Okay For Them To Be Wrong About Me

That person that you notice watching you for a minute and a half at the check-out stand while you bribe your child with a piece of candy to just hold on for two more minutes until you get to the car because he’s 45 minutes past their nap time. Your sister that tells you you’re selfish because you decide to stay home by yourself and watch a movie instead of accepting her invitation to go on a walk because you’re pretty sure you’d say something rude while you were with her because it has been “one of those days”. Your child’s principal that insinuates you don’t have a clue about discipline because your child throws a grand mal tantrum when you leave them one day at school; or the parent standing by that you’re sure thinks you’re the worst parent because you left your child screaming at that school. The person at church that looks at you sideways because you check your phone to be sure your sick teenager at home texts you that they need you to come home immediately.

All of these people that if they only knew what was in your heart. If they only knew what you’d been through today. If they could only see you in different situations. If they only knew what you knew. They’d know…they’d know you’re not made up of just this one moment. They’d understand that in this situation, you were making the best decision for everyone involved. But they don’t know. And there may not be anyway for them to know or understand. So they have thoughts. Thoughts about you. Thoughts that are incomplete, or flat-out untrue.

So you remind yourself, “It’s okay for them to be wrong about me.” Their thoughts don’t mean anything about you. Their thoughts only mean something about them and their experiences. Their thoughts are only thoughts. It’s okay to be misunderstood. Breathe. Love yourself for them. Love yourself for you.