Thursday Thought: It’s Possible I Could Love Winter This Year

Around the beginning of November, I could feel myself getting down. I grew up in the States, but I live in Canada now. Growing up we didn’t start getting ready for Christmas until after Thanksgiving in November. Now we have Thanksgiving the beginning of October, so after Halloween the lines shade of when you can start getting ready for Christmas. Usually, I’m ready to go just after Halloween, but this year I wasn’t even looking forward to Christmas. I was dreading Winter. All of it. November until May. My coach helped me see that I was thinking, “I hate Winter! I loathe Winter!” over and over. No wonder I was filled with dread! I came up with this new thought that was believable to me:

It’s possible I could love Winter this year.

Every time my thoughts wanted to go to, “I hate Winter.” I would redirect to, “It’s possible I could love Winter this year.” It didn’t take long. I am enjoying the cold on my face, the snow, the quietness when you go out and the sounds seemed to be subdued by the snow below and the clouds above. I’m looking forward to sledding, possibly snow-shoeing and skiing, even flying kites when it’s still cold and windy but there’s no snow. I’m totally believing that, “It’s possible I could love Winter this year.”

How are you thinking about Winter?