Thursday Thought: Maybe I’m Wrong

Our brains are wired to want to be right. Even if there’s a lot of evidence that we may be wrong, our brains will ignore a lot of it. That’s why this thought can be such a relief sometimes. Think of the last time you were trying to convince someone that you were right. Even if you were just “defending” your position. How did you feel? Defensiveness doesn’t feel very good. What if you were willing to be wrong? What if you just accepted that, “Maybe I’m wrong about this.” How would you feel?

What this thought does for me is open me up to listening. When I’m so sure that I’m right, I totally close down to any other possibilities. Just because I think this thought doesn’t mean that I’ll change my position, but I’m open to listening to other possibilities.

How does this thought feel to you? All of these thoughts that I put on the blog will resonate differently with different people, so you just get to try it on and see how it makes you feel. Sometimes even just tweeking it a little will change the feel for you. How does, “I’m willing to be wrong” feel? Or “It’s okay if I’m wrong about this”?