Thursday Thought: Nature Never Rushes, Yet Everything Gets Done

To continue from Monday’s post, I love this thought. I heard it when I went on a shinrin yoku walk, which simply put is a walk through nature. We can think of this for ourselves when we’re feeling rushed. But it’s also applicable as parents when we want our kids to learn a skill. Sometimes it feels like they’re never going to get it, and we push, and punish, and we bribe (I mean, I’m sure you never do, but some of us succumb to bribing :)). We’re in a huge rush for them to “get it”.

As I was in the forest I thought of it like we want to go to the beach, so we’re rushing to get ourselves and everyone else ready to go to the beach without realizing that it’s actually Winter. When we get to the beach it’s not anything like we expected because it’s Winter. Then we say, “I did everything I could to make this happen, and it’s not even enjoyable.” But it’s just because we were rushing something that wasn’t the right time. Nature doesn’t just stand still, it just doesn’t do everything at the same time. It has seasons. Even in the Winter when it seems that everything has just stopped, it hasn’t, it’s just going very slowly. What insights do you have about this thought: Nature never rushes, yet everything gets done?