Thursday Thought: Time Will Pass Anyway

When my sister was about 27 years old, she decided to go back to school to get a degree. When you’re that age, 4 years can seem like a really long time. She said to me, “Four years are going to pass anyway. I might as well have a degree at the end of it.” She didn’t say, “Well, I’ll be 31 by then, and that’s pretty old to be starting a career.” (Which at the time would have made sense to me, but now sounds so funny as I’m in the higher end of my 30’s.)

This thought has helped me in so many areas. A big area is exercising. Actually, I had forgotten this thought for awhile until the other night when I was considering whether to do a 20-minute yoga practice or not. Then it just popped into my head, “Twenty minutes are going to pass anyway.” How much time do we waste trying to decide whether or not to do something? I could have easily spent 20 minutes trying to decide whether or not to do the yoga.

This morning I woke up a little before my alarm. I had planned to go running today, but hadn’t decided when I was going to fit that in. I figured I would do it later in the day, but since I woke up early I thought, “Twenty minutes is going to pass anyway, might as well go run instead of lay awake in bed.”

Especially as we feel like we’re getting older, we have thoughts all of the time, “I’m too old to start now.” Well, time is going to pass anyway, might as well. What were you going to do instead?