Thursday Thought: We’re On the Same Team, We Can Figure This Out

Raise your hand if you have ever disagreed with your husband about how to raise your children. Everyone, right? When I would disagree with my husband about something that had to do with the children, I realized that I would get pretty uptight and defeated about it. I was curious about this emotion and saw that it stemmed from a few thoughts, the main one being, “I’m so alone.” In my heart, I knew this wasn’t true. I knew we both just wanted the best for our children.

Now when we disagree on what to do with the kids or how to raise them, and I feel myself putting up walls and ready for a fight, I remind myself, “We’re on the same team. We can figure this out.” I can literally feel myself melt and open up. I work a lot better from those emotions.

What thoughts help you when you’re about to get up-in-arms with your spouse?