Thursday Thought: What if _______ hadn’t been brave?

I keep getting these feelings of inadequacy when I think of becoming a coach. The other night, I was reading in Brene Brown’s book, Rising Strong. She talks about someone sending her an email trying to shame her. She said, “…I sat there staring at this email and fighting off the pain of feeling like an exposed impostor…” She had already written several books, has a PhD, and is a Licensed Master Social Worker. People pay her to come speak to their companies and organizations. Yet, she still fell prey to feeling like she’s not enough.

I am so grateful that when she was contemplating what to do in her life, that she was brave. I’m grateful when she fell, that she got back up. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the great work she has done and is doing. It has helped so many people, including me. I feel the same appreciation for every person that has influenced me, even my parents. They aren’t perfect, but they keep going, keep trying.

Maybe I won’t end up becoming a life coach, but it won’t be because I got scared and decided not to try. When I feel nervous, or scared, or am faced with someone telling me, “Who do you think you are?” I will think this thought, “What if Brene Brown wasn’t brave, and gave up when she got scared? What if she gave into those thoughts of ‘Who am I?'” There are numberless people who have influenced me that I could insert their name into that line. So, I will be brave. I will follow the voice inside, even when others might question whether I’m good enough.

Who’s name would you put in this thought? Comment and let me know.