Thursday Thought: What if there weren’t any ___________?

I decided to stop putting my son in pull-ups at night because he kept peeing in it before he even got in bed, instead of using the toilet. Of course there were other options, but this was the option I chose. I have a mat on his bed, so when he wets the bed, I just have to wash the mat instead of having to change the sheets. After a couple of weeks of this, I was surprised that it was so easy for me to do. We had taken him out of pull-ups at night before, but it seemed like such a chore. I got curious as to what I was thinking that was making it feel so easy.

I have no idea where this thought came from, but I noticed when I needed to get him up to go pee, or when I needed to wash the mat I kept thinking, “What if there weren’t any pull-ups available? They’d never even been invented, or there weren’t any his size? This would just be normal and expected. No big deal.” And it just felt normal and expected instead of “so much harder” than putting him in a pull-up.

I noticed I also think a thought like this when I feel like I’m too attached to my phone. My brain offers me lots of thoughts such as, “What if someone needs to get a hold of me? I better have notifications on, or have it really close to me.” Then I think, “What if there were no cell phones? I would get the message when I got home. I would miss whatever it was that someone was inviting me to. But I’d also get to focus on what was happening in the moment without wondering if someone was trying to get a hold of me.”

What would you insert into the space?