Thursday Thoughts: We don’t obey commandments, we obey The Commander

How many times have you heard or said the phrase, “Obey the commandments,”? How do you feel when you think that thought? For some people it’s not a problem, but for some of us, it feels very restrictive, and almost like we’re in trouble.

I was watching an episode of Don’t Miss This (check it out if you want help on how to teach your family from the New Testament) and Dave Butler said, “We don’t obey the commandments; we obey The Commander.”

Have you ever had a really big goal like running a marathon? Or for some of us…running a 5k? Obviously, we all KNOW how to run a marathon. You put on your running shoes and you run 26.2 miles.

We also know that if you’ve never run, it’s pretty much impossible to just go run a marathon. You have to start small. Run a little bit. Maybe even walk a little bit, then jog, then run. It looks different for all of us, depending on what you’ve already been doing. It also looks different at different times in our lives. Ten years ago, I was running 5 miles. Right now, I can run down the street.

The two great commandments are to Love God and Love Your Neighbour As Yourself. Are we trying to obey these commandments, or are we turning to the Commander and asking for specific instructions on who to love and how to love them, or how to love Him?

The two great commandments are like running a marathon. Heavenly Father is our personal trainer. He’s not going to take us out to the road and say, “See you in 26.2 miles.” He’s not even going to take us out to the road and say, “I’ll see you at mile 5, 10, 15, and 26.” He takes us to the road and says, “Today we’re going to walk around the block together.” Maybe that looks like, “Today we’re going to say ‘hi’ to that person that is hard for you to love right now.”

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