Toddler with a Sharpie on the Loose!

Would you ever give a toddler a Sharpie and let them run wild through your house? Think of the mess!

Jody Moore likes to say letting your brain go unmanaged is like giving a toddler a Sharpie and letting them run wild. 

What is an unmanaged brain? Yesterday, I let my brain go unmanaged for a little while. My brain looked at the perceived problems of other people and tried to solve them.

Not in a constructive, “Is there anything I can do to help this person?” It was more like, “They should…” 

You know how I could tell that this wasn’t useful? Because it made me feel helpless and hopeless and a little despair. These emotions don’t drive anything useful for me. 

I told my brain, “We’re going to put these problems down, and look at a problem we have some control over.”

If you would like to try this, first, just observe what’s going on. Notice what you’re thinking and how it makes you feel.

Choose one thought, it doesn’t really matter which one, and focus on it.

How do you feel when you think that thought? Is it a useful feeling? (Notice, I didn’t say “good feeling”. I said useful feeling.)

If it’s not a helpful thought, what could you think instead?

Tell the toddler, “I’m going to take the sharpie. Here is a crayon. Here is some paper. Draw here.”

P.S. I am going make some videos and classes to help you put these tools into practice. Reply and let me know what you would like more help with!