We Aren’t Meant to Suffer Alone

A woman in our ward gave a talk on Easter about Christ. She said, “Christ performed the Atonement NOT to FREE us from our sufferings, but to BE WITH us in our sufferings.”

In the depths of depression, I remember praying so hard, “Please take this from me. I can’t handle it anymore.” But He didn’t. I got up from the prayer feeling just as depressed as before. My heart was softened, though, to share my suffering with someone else. It didn’t go away, but I found reassurance that there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I wasn’t somehow broken.

I don’t think we are meant to suffer alone. Sometimes we may open up to someone hoping they can make us feel better, and then when they don’t, because they can’t, we feel disappointed and broken. Let me offer, though, that you open up to someone, not so they can free you from your suffering, but just so you don’t have to suffer alone.

As a coach, I can’t take away your suffering, but I can teach you tools, that will help you end your own suffering. I can also be with you and listen. Sign-up for a free coaching session here. But if you don’t sign-up, find someone to share your suffering with, not someone to take it away, but someone to share it with.