We See What We Look For

Sometimes I like to just play with my thoughts. When I notice I am having a specific thought that is causing me problems, I like to play with thinking the opposite and see what happens. A lot of times I start to see ways that the opposite is just as true as the thought I’m currently having.

Here are some examples:

My husband doesn’t love me as much as I love him. –> My husband adores me.

I’m not a very nice person.—->I’m a nice person.

I’m so awkward with people. —-> I’m comfortable to be around.

My child talking to me incessantly is so annoying. —–> It’s so fun when my child wants to talk and talk and talk to me.

My brain doesn’t always want to accept the new thought, but sometimes just suggesting a new thought to myself and asking, “How is this thought just as true?” turns things right around.

What thoughts would you like to try on?