Weight Loss Wednesday: Rewriting Your Story About Food

What is your story about food? Is it your enjoyment and pleasure? Do you love it and hate it? When you think about giving up a certain kind of food, do you feel like you want to cry? If so, you’re not alone. What if you could have a healthier relationship with food? For a few years, I’ve thought about giving up sugar. But I felt like all of my joy would be sucked out of my life if I did.

I decided I didn’t like that food gave me the most joy in my life. So, I’ve rewritten my story about food. I read it every day. The important thing is that I really believe these thoughts. Now I’m working on making the thoughts second nature.

Maybe this can help you with some ideas to get you started:


I’m not that into food. I could take it or leave it. I  enjoy some foods, but if I don’t have them it’s not a big deal, because there are so many other things that give me more joy.
I never eat until I’m really full. There’s just no reason to do that because there’s always going to be more food in a few hours. I skip meals fairly often because I’m either caught up in something or I’m not hungry at “mealtime”. I just eat at the next meal. (something I learned from John Gabriel, naturally thin people skip meals quite often, not on purpose, just they’re not hungry, or it’s not a convenient time to eat) I also just like to give my digestive system a rest, so I hardly ever eat in between meals.
I’m not afraid of being hungry. It comes in waves, so I get hungry, but then it goes away, and comes back a few hours later. I know my body knows how to get fuel from the fat on my body, so it’s not urgent.
Some of the things I enjoy more than eating are reading, organizing or cleaning out closets or spaces in my my house, art projects like making cards, meditating, hanging out with friends, snuggling with my kids.


What would your new story with food be?