Weight Loss Wednesday: Your Future Self

Today I wanted to tell you a technique called Your Future Self. This is helpful for anything you want to achieve, but today I’ll tell you about it from the standpoint of losing weight.

If you want to lose weight, imagine yourself when you’re at your ideal weight. Don’t go back in time, go to the future. Imagine you’ve let go of the weight that you want to, and you’ve kept it off for a few years. What does your future self look like? What kinds of clothes does she wear? What habits does she have? How does she feel? Most importantly, what thoughts does she have that you don’t currently have?

If you’re not sure on the last one, listen to someone who is naturally thin. Listen to the way they talk (or don’t talk) about food. I’ve been doing this for awhile, and some of the main things I hear are, “I’m just not that into food.” “It’s so inconvenient to have to eat sometimes.” “I just get into what I’m doing, and I forget to eat.”

Have fun with this! Have your future self help you think like her, and then watch as you begin to look and feel like her.