We’re All Painting The Same Picture Differently

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt inadequate in some area of your life. It’s very common for us to look around at what other people are doing, and then use that to decide if we’re doing okay at what we’re doing.

Take motherhood, for example. How do you know if you’re doing it right? We want to look at what other people are doing to decide if we’re “doing it right”.

Imagine you’re in an art class. Everyone is painting the same thing, but they all look different from each other. Why is that? Because we’re all different. We can do the same thing, but it will have our own personality in it. How do you know which painting is done the “right” way?

As with the painting and motherhood, you get to choose what your right way is. The way you do it is going to have your personality in it, so it’s never going to look exactly the same as someone else. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t just as beautiful. It’s just different.

I also like to remind myself that it’s a work in progress. This paint never dries.

In what ways do you want to change your painting? What do you like about the way you paint?