When Will It Get Better?

This is a question that my brain keeps asking me. Is your brain asking you, too? 

I want to offer to you that it is not better there than here. What I mean by that is there is just as much joy available now as there will be in the future. 

Our brains do not believe this. That’s because our brains naturally look for the problems. 

If you are feeling low on joy now, but the far distant future seems like it’s going to be so much better, try asking yourself, “What’s good and right, right now?” 

At first, it might be really hard to see it. But just keep the question in your mind.

Your brain wants to solve a problem, so give it this problem to solve. What’s good and right, right now? 

I love to think of a time when I was so tired of cloud cover, so I asked my brain what was great about cloud cover. Eventually, I started to imagine the clouds like a blanket over the sky, just there to give me comfort. It was so, well, comforting.

I don’t always feel this way about the clouds, but when I have times I’m so tired of cloud cover, it’s pretty easy for me to bring up that imagery of the clouds being a blanket of comfort, there just for me. 

What can you focus on now to fill you with joy?

The thing is, there’s always going to be something to enjoy and something to dislike or fear. But we can give our brain the job to find what there is to enjoy. 

Don’t think I’m telling you that you SHOULD do this. I’m totally good with you just wanting to be sad, depressed, or scared. Sometimes that’s what I want to choose, too.

But if you want to have more joy right now, it IS available to you.

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