When You’re Asking For Help But Get A Storm Instead

Welcome back! How was your break? How were the holidays for you? Mine were quite reflective. So, here’s a reflection I hope will be helpful to you.

Over the break, we watched Moana. There’s a part in the movie where she’s heading out on her own to find the demi-god Maui. She’s still very new to sailing, feeling a little unsure of her abilities, but pushing forward anyway. She falls asleep, but the Ocean wakes her up, because the Ocean is helping her fulfil her mission. 

When she wakes up, she sees she is off course, and as she tries to correct her direction, her boat flips over. As she’s hanging onto her upside down boat, she complains to the water, “Uh, Ocean, can I get a little help?” Just then an enormous storm appears. It seems things are about to get really bad. And they do. She hangs on for dear life as the storm rages on and tosses her to and fro.

She wakes up completely ragged on a deserted island. She is furious with the Ocean. Here she is trying to do something important. Something she’s been called to do. Something that will help her people, her island, AND the Ocean. Yet, the Ocean just tore her through a huge storm that tossed her onto a deserted island. 

Have you ever felt this way? I’ve felt this way about so many of the “important” phases of my life. I’m trying so hard to do the “right” thing. I’m asking for help from Heavenly Father. But it feels like I’m just getting beat up. I feel unsure, angry, and ragged.

Back to the story…It takes her a minute to realize…but the Ocean, by means of the storm, brought her to exactly where she wanted and needed to be to continue on her mission…the island where Maui was. 

There are so many good analogies in these couple of scenes. I wrote it out instead of having you watch it, so you can more easily see where you are like Moana in your situation. Knowing the whole story, what advice would you give to her? This might be some helpful advice for yourself.

It’s possible that even when you feel that your circumstances are going to drown you, you’re actually being propelled to exactly where you want to be, to fulfil that important goal/mission/desire that you’re working towards. 

So maybe when you’re feeling unsure, angry, ragged, devastated, hopeless, instead of questioning whether you’ll make it, or whether you’re on the right course, just hold on and breathe, when you can. Have some trust that there actually is a plan and a purpose to what is going on. And there’s nothing wrong with you because it feels so hard.

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