When You’ve Gone Backwards

I gained the weight back.

I’ve gone back to my old ways.

I don’t want to regress.

Did you know that it’s not possible to go backwards? You can’t gain the weight back, or regress in your progress.

I remember hearing a metaphor of life. It says that we’re going up an escalator that’s going down. Have you heard this one? The point of the metaphor is: If you’re not always walking up the escalator, it carries you back down, and you’ll have to start all over.

It sounds so motivational, but I want you to take a moment and really think about how you FEEL when you think about this metaphor.

You might feel motivated to keep going for a little while. But then what happens? 

You get tired. Maybe you stop. But when you stop, you go backwards. ALL of that “progress” you made is for naught. 

Now how do you feel? I’m guessing pretty defeated, and not very motivated to get going again. 

Take a minute to REALLY let this sink in. When you THINK you’ve gone backwards, it’s super defeating and unmotivated. Every.time.

Maybe if we were robots, we could keep going forever without slowing down, and without stopping.

But guess what…we’re not. We are human beings. We were not made to go and do without taking rests, without taking time to reevaluate, WITHOUT MAKING MISTAKES.

So, what do I mean when I say we can’t go backwards; we can’t gain the weight back; we can’t regress?

I imagine life as more like a hike. We have a destination. But we won’t ever reach it in this life. So we can’t count on reaching the end as our main motivation.

When we’re on this journey, sometimes we sit down and take a rest. Sometimes we stumble and fall and stay down on the ground for awhile. And sometimes we go off on a different path.

We never go back to a place we’ve been on the path. Every time we start up again after we’ve stopped, or gone on another path, or stumbled, we’re different than when we stopped. 

We’re rested, or have seen and learned something new, or taken some time to pout and feel sorry for ourselves. But we’re always different than when we stopped.

So instead of saying you have to “get back” to where you were, or “make up” for lost time, remember you haven’t gone back. You’re different than when you stopped. 

You are new every moment. Start here.

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