Why Do You Get Up In The Morning?

Many years ago, I had someone ask me, “Why do you get up and get ready in the morning?” 

She told me that morning she had been sitting on the shower floor shaving her legs. She had gotten one leg done and had kind of “woken up” and asked herself what she was doing. Why was she sitting on the shower floor? Why was she shaving? 

She told me she realized she was sitting on the shower floor shaving her legs because that’s what she thought her husband would want her to do. When she realized this, she couldn’t bring herself to do the other leg because somewhere inside she knew it wasn’t going to get the reaction from her husband that she was hoping for. 

When we do things to try to get approval from others, at some point, we’ll “wake up” and realize it’s not worth it. 

The only reason we want approval from others is so we can give ourselves permission to approve of ourselves. 

And you know what? Most of the time, other people aren’t very good at approving of us, and even when they do, we have a hard time internalizing it. 

Are there things you’re doing just to get the approval of someone else? 

When you do something nice, is it because you want the other person to like you? Or do you do it because you like to do things you think are nice, and they can like it or not?

Why do YOU get up and get ready in the morning? Do it for you. You’re worth it!

P.S. As a coach, I don’t have an agenda about what you should or shouldn’t do. I just help you see what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and see what your true and sometimes hidden desires are inside. I am your safe place to explore whatever it is you want to. Sign-up for a FREE 45-minute consultation today to see what it’s like to talk to someone who cares for you no matter what you decide.