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You looked forward to motherhood, and now you don’t quite feel cut out for it. It’s much harder than you thought it would be. You have plans to “get on top of things” or to “not yell today”, and then the kids wake up. You know if you could just be happy then you could be the kind of mom you imagined you’d be.

I wasn’t miserable ALL of the time, just a lot of the time. People would tell me the importance of self-care. Go get a massage. Take a bath. Relax. But I couldn’t relax. When I tried, I would just get more worked up about all of the things I needed to do, all of the ways I was failing. A lot of the time, just making the appointments and finding a babysitter, took more effort than I could expend.

What I offer to you is more than self-care.

It’s actually taking care of your mind, so that those other things can actually be relaxing and fulfill their purpose. It’s understanding WHY it’s so overwhelming to take time for yourself, and WHY if you love your kids so much you want to get away from them, and WHY when your life looks the way you wanted it to, it feels so bad. When you know the WHY, you can figure out the HOW of feeling better. If you don’t know the WHY, you’ll keep trying things that don’t work, or don’t last.

When you sign-up to work with me, we will have a weekly video call over Zoom. During the 6-week program, I will also provide you with a workbook, and a weekly video explaining a different mental wellness tool. During our calls we may or may not go over these tools, depending on what will be most beneficial for you. But you will have the workbook and videos to keep for yourself.

While working with me, you will feel more confident, happy, and excited about your life and your roles in your life. You will feel empowered to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of the other important people in your life the way you’ve been wanting to.

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When you click the button, you will be sent to a calendar to sign-up for a time that works for you. You will be asked a few questions that you can answer or leave blank, and then you will be sent an email with a link for our call. Just click on the link when it’s time for our call, and it will walk you through getting set up with Zoom.

On the call, I will take time to listen to what is going on with you, give you a personalized tool to help you feel better now, and if the program is a good fit for you, I will let you know about my program. There is no pressure to sign up for the program if you don’t think it’s something you’re interested in. But you’ll still have been able to talk through what’s going on with you, and have something specific to your situation to help you out.

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I know you may be nervous to talk to someone about what's going on.

What if they ask you questions about things you don’t want to talk about? Or try to sell you something you don’t want to buy? Or what if you don’t know what to say? You know you’re unhappy, but what are supposed to talk about?

Worry no longer. You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to. I will take care of you in the session. If you’re not sure what to say, I will ask questions. If you know what you want to talk about, I will listen.

If you don’t want coaching beyond this session, no worries! It will be a one-time great experience.

Here’s what my clients have to say about working with me:

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